Employee Feedback Report

This three-part report provides a detailed view of your employees’ responses to the 78 survey questions. Part one consists of data spreadsheets showing the percent of positive and negative responses for each of the 78 survey questions, along with the percent of positive responses within seven demographic categories (gender, age, ethnicity, duration of employment, full- or part-time status, job role, and department).

Part two is a listing of the employee comments transcribed exactly as submitted by employees.  These comments are from the two open-ended questions asked on the employee survey.

Part three, which will follow the publication of the "Best Nonprofits To Work For" rankings, will be the benchmarking data. The benchmark report will represent the average responses for each of the seventy-eight (78) statements for the "Best Nonprofits To Work For" list-making and non-list-making organizations.  Knowing where you stand relative to the "Best of the Best" should help you prioritize resources to maximize your return on investment.

Want to get the most out of your collected employee response data?  To learn more about why your organization should consider customizing the Job Role and Department demographics on the employee survey, click here.

The Employee Feedback Report will include:

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Employee Comments

Employee Comments

Employee Feedback Report Data Spreadsheet with Benchmarks

Employee Demographic Report

Employee Feedback Benchmark Report

Employee Benchmark Report




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